New Player Inquiry

The Sydney Convicts accept players of ages 18 and above and all skill sets. Regardless of how often you’ve picked up a rugby ball, the Convicts are welcoming club that caters for everyone.

To get in contact right-now click the Messenger icon  on the right of your screen to contact us via Facebook Messenger. Let us know your name, email and mobile and we’ll get back to you via Facebook Messenger!

Or you and simply fill in the form on the right and our recruitment team will be emailed.



During the season, training is held at Colleagues Rugby Union Club: Woollahra Playing Fields #2 and #3 End of Manion Avenue, Rose Bay Training is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm sharp. Arrive early to play a game of warm-up touch. During the Preseason, training on Tuesdays is held at Rushcutters Bay Park from 6:30pm.

You can view the 2017 draw and results on the NSW Subbies website here:

Rugby FAQ

Do I need to have rugby experience?
    Anyone with any playing experience is welcome at the Sydney Convicts. In fact, even if you’ve played other sports, these skills can be useful for Rugby. We have people with backgrounds in Netball, Water Polo, Soccer and Badminton.
Do I need to be big?
  It’s a common misconception that Rugby players have to be big. Rugby teams need players of all different body types, from the quick and nimble Backs through to the bigger and burlier Forwards.    
I don't think I'm fit enough.
Throughout the season the Convicts work on fitness and conditioning. Come down to training and in no time we will have you fit and firing!
Do I need to be gay to join?
  No. The Sydney Convicts pride ourselves in being an inclusive club who welcome all regardless of orientation. The club wouldn’t be the club it is today without our diverse playing group.
Is it too late to join?
We welcome people throughout the year, it’s never too late to join. The Convicts also welcome people who are in Sydney for a short time or those who want to join mid-season. Contact us today to get involved!
How long does it go for?
    Preseason starts in February, the season-proper starts in late March and finishes around August. The season wraps up in September with the Purchas Cup.    
Can I just be a supporter?
Of course! The Convicts love having crowds of supporters at the games, or joining us at post-game drinks or events. Throughout the season the Convicts hold various social events that you are invited to!